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Virtual Credentials

Employers in all industries are coping with the impacts of COVID-19. We are aware that the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is and will continue to modify regular life for all Ohioans. Once the initial threat of this virus has passed, Ohioans will return to work and their day-to-day activities. 

During this period of interruption, many Ohio employers have started taking proactive steps to invest in the upskilling of their employees virtually to prepare for future increased productivity demands.  

This table highlights the credentials which can be earned 100 percent virtually, and the training providers who offer these online training programs*. The table can be sorted by credential or training provider.  


*Please note each URL has been posted in the format in which it was submitted by employers or training providers. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of each individual link. Questions or concerns can be sent to Workforce@OWT.Ohio.gov.