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General FAQ's

TechCred is an opportunity for individuals ready to join the workforce, but who need additional tech training. Individuals can connect with employers and encourage them to sponsor their technology training, knowing that the employer will be reimbursed as soon as the individual earns their credential. Businesses hiring for technology roles can be found on ohiomeansjobs.com. A great place for an individual to start their journey towards a tech career is at a local OhioMeansJobs Center.

Yes, TechCred can be used to train both current and prospective employees. So, the employer can train that employee during the layoff period and be reimbursed, as long as the employee is on the payroll at the point when the employer requests reimbursement.

The In-Demand Jobs List and the TechCred Eligible Credential List are NOT the same.

The In-Demand Jobs List includes occupations that are classified as in-demand. The In-Demand Jobs List is developed with labor market information, input from JobsOhio, and feedback from Ohio employers. The In-Demand Jobs List includes occupations which are technology-focused and occupations which are not technology-focused. 

The TechCred Eligible Credential List only includes certificates and certifications that are deemed technology-focused, industry-recognized, and short-term. Credentials are added to the list through employer applications which are reviewed by a panel of stakeholders. 

Ohio's TechCred Program gives businesses the chance to upskill current and future employees to help them qualify for a better job in today’s tech-infused economy. Businesses who submit successful applications will be reimbursed, up to $2000 per credential, when current or prospective employees complete technology-focused credentials.