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Training Provider Examples

*The TechCred program does not endorse any training provider listed. Those listed are submitted by providers and are for informational purposes only.

The TechCred program is designed to be flexible - employers can choose the training provider that will best fit their upskilling and credentialing needs. As a resource to employers, the list of eligible credentials will now include examples of training providers that offer each certificate or certification. The examples listed under each credential are based on training provider submissions and are not meant to be an exhaustive list of providers offering each credential within the state or online – employers are welcome to work with a training provider that is not listed.  

How do training providers share the credentials offered by their organization?

Training providers are encouraged to submit this form to let us know which of the currently approved credentials are offered by their organization. To start, the designee completing the form will need to create an OH/ID account or login to their account, then enter the organization’s FEIN number and their contact information. Training providers needing to change their designated point of contact can email TechCred@Development.Ohio.gov.

Credentials can ONLY be added to the pre-approved credential list by employers. 

 Can a training provider edit their form after submitting?

TechCred is built to be employer-driven and dynamic. With each application round, new credentials are added to the pre-approved list based upon employer suggestions. When the list grows and/or training providers add new credential programs to their catalog, updates can be made by simply resubmitting the form.