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General FAQ's

Tech-focused credentials can be a great fit for people with disabilities. The Office of Workforce Transformation and our partner, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, have a shared desire for TechCred to be a useful tool to upskill Ohioans.

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities is the state of Ohio agency that provides employment services to individuals with disabilities to help them prepare for work.

Current and prospective employees who have a disability may be eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD ), a state agency. VR services can help individuals with disabilities overcome employment barriers. Individuals who are interested in VR services can begin by applying online at OODWorks.com. This website provides information about OOD’s services and includes a self-assessment designed to assist individuals in deciding if VR services are the right fit.

For employers, OOD’s Business Relations Specialists (BRSs ) can identify qualified candidates with disabilities. Current and prospective employees who are eligible for OOD’s vocational rehabilitation (VR) services can receive individualized supports, like job coaching, tutoring, or assistive technology to help complete technology training and succeed on the job.

TechCred is an opportunity for individuals ready to join the workforce, but who need additional tech training. Individuals can connect with employers and encourage them to sponsor their technology training, knowing that the employer will be reimbursed as soon as the individual earns their credential. Businesses hiring for technology roles can be found on ohiomeansjobs.com. A great place for an individual to start their journey towards a tech career is at a local OhioMeansJobs Center.

Yes, TechCred can be used to train both current and prospective employees. So, the employer can train that employee during the layoff period and be reimbursed, as long as the employee is on the payroll at the point when the employer requests reimbursement.

The In-Demand Jobs List and the TechCred Eligible Credential List are NOT the same.

The In-Demand Jobs List includes occupations that are classified as in-demand. The In-Demand Jobs List is developed with labor market information, input from JobsOhio, and feedback from Ohio employers. The In-Demand Jobs List includes occupations which are technology-focused and occupations which are not technology-focused. 

The TechCred Eligible Credential List only includes certificates and certifications that are deemed technology-focused, industry-recognized, and short-term. Credentials are added to the list through employer applications which are reviewed by a panel of stakeholders. 

Ohio's TechCred Program gives businesses the chance to upskill current and future employees to help them qualify for a better job in today’s tech-infused economy. Businesses who submit successful applications will be reimbursed, up to $2000 per credential, when current or prospective employees complete technology-focused credentials.

Beginning with Round 12 (January 2022), the following changes have been incorporated into the TechCred program:

  • Training for approved credentials must start on or after the Effective Date of the Grant Agreement and must be completed by the End Date of the Grant Agreement. The Effective Date of the Grant Agreement will be the first day of the month immediately following the last application period. Costs incurred by the Applicant prior to an award of eligibility and an executed Grant Agreement is done at the Applicant’s risk.

  • TechCred Grant Agreements will be incorporated as part of the TechCred application. Upon receiving an award announcement, awardees will be directed to log in to their application to provide an electronic signature certifying and acknowledging the Grant Agreement, Terms and Conditions, and the Program Guidelines.